So the day had arrived, my final draft was done and I was a nervous wreck. Four years had led to this moment, sitting there trying to explain why there’s a book on the table.

It’s a strange feeling to let this project go now, having spent the majority of 2010 looking back on the last decade. We’re halfway through the year and for me it’s passed me by. New years resolutions still going well but it’s about time i threw it into third gear.

Sorry for the lack of imagination to this post, I’m shaking and a bit lost. A closed book, maybe a new look, learn to cook and get unstuck.

Just a really big thanks to everyone who’s cross paths with me over the past few years, I hope you all buy the book whenever it gets out because im sure there will be some sort of mention. No doubt I’ll miss a few people out in the thanks which is why you wont see one in the book.

Family and friends and the odd enemy too. Thank you.

I’ll be having a break from the seven-day dreams for a while as there’s a lot of legal stuff and boring paperwork that i need to be doing but as soon as i get chance or have anything of interest to say you’ll be the first to know. But in the mean time you can always follow me on twitter at: