Recently I’ve been looking at the reasons things are done and more importantly the reasons we don’t get things done. I mean we all have deadlines, we all have targets, be it at work, socially or academically. I know a bloke who will put off any work that he needs to do right until the last minute. This guy lives his life whichever way the wind blows, this blokes one of the easy going graduates of life. He never feels pressure, or if he does he is very good at not showing it. He will restrict himself, tell himself that the work will get done, he’ll preach to the world about how he is going to go about getting this work done. ‘There’s thinking about things, and not actually doing those things’.

Now its all well and good putting things off and in my case I put a lot of things off such as cleaning my car, filling it with petrol and making sure my insurance is up to date (it is by the way just in case you’re the DVLA). But what separates me and the rest of the world from this bloke is that we say we will do them put them off and do a very scrappy job at the (shit website don’t use it) whereas he will save it till the night before, not sleep and come out smelling of roses. And to this I salute him.

The point I’m very poorly making is that It’s pretty good to be passionate, it’s energising to be enthused, its brilliant to be bold and fantastic to be fulfilled. All we need is a coffee and some pro plus. I’ll change I’ll get this done as soon as, I’ll get it done so I can relax, I might even be able to colour code it and make it a bit more fancy.

This is a lie, we all do it, we lie to ourselves, we excuse ourselves from the table of grin and bear it, and we say ‘just one more pint before I go home’.

Here’s an idea, lets stop the lying, lets stop the self-persuasion. Lets stand up on our stools and denounce the royal throne with a full hearty English mentality and say ‘I’LL DO IT TOMORROW’

This blog was written at 15:25 on Wednesday 1st June but I’ll publish it later.