Just a quick post about the art of Hello, not the magazine.

Hello it’ll break down barriers. Theres nothing wrong with a hello, how are you? whats occurring? It’ll bring new friends or friends from the past, it’ll create new problems and solve a few too. Junes resolution, to say hello to June.

News on ‘A Boy in the Bookcase’ it’s finally looking complete, bibliography is done too which was probably the biggest challenge Ive had for a good few years. As you can see from the previous post the synopsis is done, it reads completely different to the one Ive posted here on the seven day dreams blog however, this is pretty much the reason for this blog, to get my ideas down in some sort of format as a rough basis and out to the general public. Just like to say thanks for the feedback I’ve received so far had some really interesting stuff to ponder and read.

Im feeling very at one with myself having took four years to write this book. I’ll no doubt have a bit of a moan/rant before saturday but I’ll be posting a final draft excerpt from ‘A Boy in the Bookcase’ after my meeting with the publishers.

Apart from this Ive already started work on my follow-up novel. Entitled ‘The Seven Day Dream’ so keep coming back to the blog to see this one develop.